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Total Unit Responsibility

Quality Assurance

We apply assurance procedures that guarantee your specifications for fit and finish are being achieved at all times.

Our implementation of statistical quality control for measuring process reliability will insure the quality of the finished product being delivered to you. We now participate in "Ship-to-Stock" and "Zero-Defect" programs with numerous customers.

Quality awards have been awarded to us by the following manufacturers:

Quality Award
Respironics, Inc.
Preferred Supplier Award
Westinghouse PCD
Top Supplier Awards
Diebold, Inc.
Top Supplier Awards
Saco Defense, Inc.
Certified Supplier
GE Transportation Systems
Certified Quality Supplier
Quality Control Equipment
  • Jones & Lamson comparator
  • Wilson - Rockwell hardness tester
  • Detroit tensile tester
  • Johansson master blocks
  • Paint glossmeter
  • Plating thickness tester
  • Surface Plate - granite 48" X 30"
  • Various micrometers, verniers, plug gauges, ring gauges, etc
  • Complete gauge card certification system for calibration records
  • Certified Supplier for many customers including ship-to-stock
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