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Total Unit Responsibility

About Lake City Industries

Lake City Industries, Inc. is a contract manufacturer of precision fabricated, sheet metal assemblies.

We can furnish a completely finished and assembled product or individual components in a variety of forms - plated and powder coated. We specialize in early product involvement, secondary operations and assembly. Our manufacturing concept is production oriented with particular emphasis on quality with on time deliveries.

Lake City Industries, Inc. has operated at the same location since 1971. We have our roots in providing our Defense Department and other customers defect free parts based on a manufacturing and quality system that takes the Total Responsibility for all units that move through our production process.

Our Total Unit Responsibility method of operation means that we assume complete responsibility for producing your precision fabricated sheet metal assemblies.

We can assume this responsibility because the essential skilled people and advanced equipment are under one roof and one control. In brief, we provide all the advantages of your own metal fabricating facility with none of the capital investment.

You are invited to visit our 50,000 square foot building on 34 acres near Erie, Pennsylvania and take a tour of our state of the art production facilities.
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