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Total Unit Responsibility

Advantages/Value Added

We currently have customers throughout North America and around the globe. By following our practice of TOTAL UNIT RESPONSIBILITY, we provide the value added services that make our customers feel like we are “right next door”. The added services we have developed and the experience we have with various customers for inventory and cost control have contributed to successful long-term relationships with many customers.

Lead-Free Facility and RoHS Compliant
We are capable of certifying compliance with the current ROHS criteria that many customers require for the completion of their products for lead-free manufacturing.

Barcode Technology for Costing
We have been utilizing barcode technology for the retrieval of costing and production data for over 20 years. This enables us to control costs and maintain a very competitive position in the marketplace.

Familiarity with Order Entry and Inventory Systems
We have become familiar with many systems for order entry and inventory control. KANBAN, Demand-Flow Technology, Blanket orders, and the ability to assist customers with the practice of these theories, gives us the advantage of helping customers reduce the total cost of their inventory control. We also have sufficient space to hold finished goods for a reasonable period of time.

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