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Total Unit Responsibility

Precision Metal Fabrication

For over 45 years we have evolved to the current state of the art fabrication facility that can produce small to medium size quantities with a high degree of quality on a recurring basis. We specialize in difficult fabricated assemblies.

Our CNC AMADA turret presses realize our commitment to lowest possible tooling costs, strict adherence to close tolerance and on-schedule deliveries. The Auto-Index feature makes it possible to cut complex forms from a single worksheet, considerably reducing the labor of subsequent operations. The Auto-Index means a considerable cost savings over the standard nibbling process. We are tooled to handle an exceptionally wide variety of punching tasks and can quickly provide examples of engineering changes at a low cost. We also offer punch press capabilities up to our 175 ton press.

We utilize Hurco CNC controls for our Digital Forming Centers. This CNC forming system offers the ultimate in repeatability and is ideal for short-run and production runs. The CNC automatically calculates all values necessary for the execution of the product.

Seven single and three phase spot welders plus five auto-feed MIG, TIG and capacitance discharge welders enable us to choose the best method for the application. The holding power of the welds is rigorously checked on a pull test machine utilizing test coupons, documented by lot and logged in accordance with military standards.

Deburring and Hardware Insertion
We utilize Auto-feed insertion equipment and other methods to install clinch hardware into our custom metal fabrications. We are capable of installing numerous types of hardware. We take great pride in our surface preparation procedures to insure proper finish adhesion and appearance. Our grinding capabilities include tumble deburring, vibratory deburring, belt grinding, hand grinding, and surface deburring on a wet Timesaver system. These procedures provide the foundation for a superior finish, whether powder coated or plated.

Powder Coating
Customers tell us that our conveyorized powder coating system ranks with the best in the business. Our completely integrated system is in a glass enclosed, filtered spray booth. Our own natural gas wells, located adjacent to our plant, assure an uninterrupted fuel supply especially during a national emergency. An infrared cure oven supports Global Finishing Solutions powder modules utilizing optiflex manual powder applicators. This integrated system is state-of-the-art for providing a quality powder coated finish.

Newly installed, 100% Stainless, five-stage wash line continues our commitment to the finest preparation and powder coat process available.

We are able to match most paint finishes with our system.

We can manage consigned or purchased sub components for future assembly.

Turret Press
Newly acquired AMADA Turret Press
Spot Welding Department
NEW State-of-the-art Stainless five-stage Wash Line
Finishing Department
Lynx Deburring Machine at Lake City Industries
NEW Timesavers Lynx Deburring Machine
NEW State-of-the-art Stainless five-stage Wash Line
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