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Total Unit Responsibility

Early Product Involvement

We will work with your technical staff to provide production quality prototypes and first class service. Our engineering resources and experience are used on a broad range of diversified products. This supports our customer's design efforts for cost reduction and assembly simplification prior to production. We utilize Solidworks 2015 and AutoCAD 2005 and can retrieve drawings for review on-line.

Quick Quotation Turnaround
We review all documentation received for RFQ process as though we have received a purchase order for that assembly. This thorough process actually saves time when we eventually receive the order. We "lay-out" the assemblies and calculate the most efficient material yields and tooling necessary for the completion of the parts. All quotes detail tooling and alternatives that we may have in-house. We also detail any questions pertaining to drawings and interpretations.

We offer our suggestions to customers in the normal course of our services for no additional charge. We can offer a quotation if there are more complex requests for our assistance with re-engineering or the generation of drawings.

We offer production quality prototypes on a very efficient basis. Our prototype capabilities do not interfere with our normal production operations.

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